If you would like to send a track or two to be added to one of the Prog Rock Machine Shows its quite simple.

Unlike a promo pack which often contains too much material for a radio show to use – or links to dropboxes/odd sites/places which require memberships to access material or odd formats which require you to purchase a program to read your material, all that is required is the following.

  1. A brief  – no more than 50 words (as it will be modified otherwise and you could lose that punchiness)  describing the band/artists background and the track – a little about that.

2. An mp3 or two

3. Where to buy/download physical or digital material.

That’s all. No videos etc as this is radio.

Email it to;

Title the email; For the Prog Rock Machine.

In turn I will add the track – or two – to the playlist on one of two shows (two new artists shows every 10 shows – see Shows List Tab).

See below for examples of script content for artists played during a show.

Contacts list for Artists on the Progressive Rock Machine;

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