Radio show host for 10 years on Voice fm Ballarat Victoria Wednesday nights 9.30 pm. During the COVID-19 pandemic everything shut down – including my station and wanting to reach out to my listeners I began my own radio station on the internet courtesy of airtime.pro.

Now the shows and selected track playlists are playing 24/7 on the world wide web and you can tune in any time you like.

My Facebook page is;


If you would like to contact me regarding a band you would like featured on the prog rock machine use the contact page to send me details and we transfer your background/how to purchase/tracks and metadata and I would be happy to add you to the prog rock machine show list.

The Prog Mothership was launched in 2015. A huge 1 kilometre sized ship launched from the Cape York Space centre and in low earth orbit transmiting the prog rock machine shows down to earth.

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